Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should we meet with the Rabbi? Typically 2-3 times, depending on how intricate your ceremony will be, and how far you live.

Where will the Rabbi travel for a wedding? Rabbi Scott typically performs wedding ceremonies in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, Westchester and Connecticut, but will also travel further out of state and out of the country.

Does our ceremony have to be Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Traditional? Rabbi Scott will cover all the possible aspects of the ceremony, and it will be your choice which parts you would like to include. Rabbi Scott will make sure your ceremony is exactly how you envision it to be.

Where do we order a Ketubah from? There are several wonderful stores and websites that offer beautiful ketubahs. Rabbi Scott can provide a standard one if you prefer as well (free of charge). Wherever you choose to order one from, please allow Rabbi at least two weeks to fill it out for you before your wedding day.

Who provides the glass for the breaking of the glass, the kiddush cup and wine? Typically the venue supplies the glass and wine. Rabbi Scott will bring an extra glass in case the venue does not have a glass for breaking. He will also bring a kiddush cup for drinking of the wine under the chuppah, but if you have a special kiddush cup (from bar/bat mitzvah) please bring that as well.

When do we sign the Ketubah? Ketubah signing takes place before the ceremony, approximately 30 minutes prior. Immediate family is present along with a witness for the bride and a witness for the groom.

What is Rabbi Scott’s fee? Rabbi Scott does not have a flat fee. For each individual couple he takes into account travel time for each meeting, travel time for the wedding day, preparation for the wedding ceremony, completion of the ketubah, and the wedding day. Typically the work for a wedding is 15-20 hours. After your initial phone call, Rabbi Scott will provide this information.

Can we call or email Rabbi Scott with questions in between meetings, before our wedding? Of course! Many questions will arise, especially as the day comes closer. Rabbi Scott is available by phone, email, and text, and always happy to answer any questions you may have.